The ZigZag Stripe Entourage Program

Earn a 10% Store Credit For Each Sale you Refer

Our Affiliates are Making Hundreds of Dollars Referring Our Products

Do you love The ZigZag Stripe? Do you love picking out your outfit every morning? Have you gotten a new boost of confidence? Then it’s your turn to share the love! Apply for The ZigZag Stripe Entourage and earn free clothes for sharing your love of ZZS with your friends and family. It’s simple: Wear It, Share It, Earn It.

The Entourage Program is easy. Once approved by our admin team, we create a unique code for you that you'll share with your friends. That code will give them 20% off their order and give you 10% of their purchase in store credit commission. All they have to do is enter YOUR unique code in the discount code box at checkout and you'll get the credit!!

Program Requirements & FAQs
How often is commission paid?

Commission is paid in the form of store credit once a month on the first Monday of every month. It will be posted to your account by 5pm CST on that Monday. 

Code of Conduct Requirements

Though not employees of ZZS, Entourage Affiliates are expected to be a positive presence not only in our VIP Facebook group, but also on all social media outlets and websites. Customer service concerns should be addressed privately via our Customer Service department email or by calling us during normal business hours. 

How do I promote ZZS if approved for the program?

We will provide you with all the marketing and copy to promote our product. You will also be given access to a dashboard to help you keep track of everyone you send our way. You will be able to see all clicks, sales and the amount you have earned from promoting our product. 

Account Required via

Please make sure that you have an account set up through the website at You MUST have an account set up with the same email address as your Entourage Affiliate account to be able to receive store credit.

Promoting Other Brands

The ZigZag Stripe strongly discourages its Entourage Affiliates from promoting other womens’ clothing lines. Doing so potentially has a negative impact on your commissions as customers are not focusing their interests on our brand, thus you miss out on the potential commission or new lead benefit when that customer chooses to purchase elsewhere.

Reselling of ZZS Product

Do not purchase ZZS clothing with your commission to resell them. This is an abuse of the program designed to reward dedicated ZZS fans with store credit to purchase ZZS clothing that they may not otherwise have been able to purchase. Reselling ZZS clothing purchased with commission, especially in an attempt to make profit, is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from the program.

Advertising on Social Media Channels

If approved for the program, you will be provided with all the materials needed to promote your affiliate code on social media channels such as facebook, instagram, linked in, etc. But, do NOT advertise your unique codes or links on any of the official pages of The ZigZag Stripe such as the official Facebook page, VIP Facebook group, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This includes private messaging members of these pages or groups with your code or friending/following our VIP/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest or any official ZZS platform followers with intention of them "following" you back or gaining access to your code. This is a misuse of the program and may result in your immediate removal from the program.

Prohibited Use of Codes/Links

Entourage Affiliates can NOT use their own affiliate link or code, or the affiliate link or code of another Entourage Affiliate. Violations may result in your immediate removal from the program.

When will the program begin?

Our goal is to have our Entourage program to begin NO later than January 1st if not sooner. We will only be accepting a limited number of applicants for approval so make sure to complete your application honestly and completely. 

How do you pay the commission earned?

We pay out all commission in the form of store credit. The store credit is put on your ZZS account through our website. Make sure that your email address you apply for the program with and your ZZS account are the same email. 

How it works
Fill out our affiliate program application. All approved applicants will be notified via email.
We will provide you with images and banners to advertise to your friends and family.
You will receive a generous commission issued in store credit for every sale you send our way. We will track everything.